OUR MISSION: Superior photography using flagship equipment, heart, and soul.  Our goal is to provide you with Photographic Momentum beyond the event horizon. This is not our profession, but our avocation.  Therefore, we will provide our service at an affordable cost to customers, and at no cost to musicians and friends.  Tavi and John hopes this will be a benefit to those that acknowledge the Spirit, cherish the Art, and inspire the World.

CONTACT US: We will seriously consider your request for photography providing that we are available.  Please feel free to contact us at jwcsafety@gmail.com.

Note: Individual photos on this site may be freely downloaded.  Pictures may be ordered in a variety of high quality formats at prices lower than other sources.   All purchases are through the website host and no profit is taken by us.  Cheers!  JC

Facebook: Tavi and John Clark Photography (https://www.facebook.com/Tavi-and-John-Clark-Photography-1711513185758227/)

Photography and Editor: City Island Music (https://www.facebook.com/City-Island-Music-556531661182514/)

Photography: Jamaican Dave Productions

Photography and Editor: Saint Antoninus Church (www.facebook.com/saint-antoninus-church)

Photography: www.saintantoninuschurch.org

Photo Galleries:

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