Welcome to Gianna's photo website!

You may view memories from Gianna's celebration by clicking any menu item above.  As you view the photographs, you will find a download arrow under each.  Click the arrow to save any photo to your computer.   In addition, a control arrow has been placed at the top right of each gallery so that you may download the entire gallery in a single action. Also, a BUY button is located under each photo if you desire to mail order photo prints to your home address   The photographer has set the cost for photo prints to the lowest possible permitted by this website. Alternately, you may bring the downloaded versions on electronic media (such as a memory stick) to any pharmacy store (like a CVS) and have them print-out to your specifications.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send the photographer, John Clark, an email -

Thank you for sharing our daughter's special day!

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